Friday, April 9, 2010

Joining The Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
Thanks for stopping by to join me for this blogging party hosted by 5 minutes for moms!

I am brand new to blogging, and just started a couple months ago. I kind of jumped in with 2 feet as I tend to do with any project I am excited about. I am not new to the web world as I have been building a website called, Cottage Home Decorating , where I share hundreds of decorating ideas every day to viewers all over the world. The website was born out of a need to make an income after quitting work to stay home with my kids.

After 2 years of web building I have decide to plunge into the blogger world, with a desire to become more personal and talk about a range of topics beyond decorating.

Now here I am joining a blog party that I just learned about only days ago! I figured I have nothing to lose.... right? I want to meet more blogger moms, and women who are on this fabulous journey with me.

So Who Am I? Since my blog is rather new, these simple facts might give you a peek view into my life and an idea of what this blog is going to be all about. I hope we can become friends!

20 Quick Facts About Me...
1. I have 3 busy boys, and a wonderful husband.

2. I love all shades of pinks and whites.

3. I love my homemade vanilla lattes more than Starbuck's. ( but I settle when neccessary! )

4. I homeschool not because its easy, but because I feel its the best choice for my boys.

5. I have 2 babies in heaven, one of which I carried to 7 months. I lost the first to a rare chromosome disorder and was devastated.

6.I went through divorce after losing 2 babies.

7. I thought I would never have more children after my first son and losing 2 babies.

8.Today I have twin boys who are 3 years old! A true miracle...(story to follow)

9.I have seen God redeem, restore and renew our family.

10.I don't have an interior decorating degree, but just go by natural instinct and love color and design.

11.I live in a 100 year old farmhouse that is going to be getting a major remodel this year. Are you ready for the ride? (soon to be documented here!)

12.I grew up as a P.K. (preacher's kid) and a M.K. (missionary kid).

13.I was homeschooled as a child when no one homeschooled except MK's. There were 2 curriculums available!

14. I lived in Africa and Lebanon.

15. I hate to move now and like to stay in one place, since I moved all my childhood.

16. I never meet a stranger. I love meeting new and interesting people.

17. I have many acquaintances but very few close friends that I can bear my heart to.

18. I am getting ready to publish my first ebook on decorating and have plans for more in the future.

19. I hope to someday guest blog for other sites.

20. I feel my calling in life is to bring hope and inspiration to others from the tragedies, hurts, and struggles God has brought me through.

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I look forward to meeting you, come join the party and let's be friends!