Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inspired By Yellow and Gray- a soothing pallete.

As many of you know I am in the midst of choosing colors for my house. Right now I am working on the exterior house colors and then soon I will start the process of choosing colors for my interior.

The other day I showed you how I chose Hawthorne Yellow from Benjamin Moore for the exterior of my house and now I am off to the paint store today to nail down the accents colors. In my quest to figure out my color combination I found some most inspiring photos, and wanted to share.

This old historical house is wonderful in architecture, and while my house is not this style, its color combination so inspired me that I am going to create my own version of this combination.

As you see, the colors are gray, yellow, white and red. Look how they have used three colors that are harmonious to one another, and then the pop of color that the red adds to what would be an ohterwise subdued color scheme.

As I was searching the internet for yellow color combinations, my inspiration went even further and I began to find interior pictures that I loved. There is no doubt that I will have to implement this luscious combination somewhere in my home as we remodel. I mean what isn't to love about yellow and gray? They are the perfect marriage of a cool and warm color, creating a soothing pallette that anyone could live with.

And...more inspiring photos showing this winning color scheme!

What colors inspire you? Start looking around with your eye wide open and you may discover a new found combination you never thought of before.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kid snacks...gotta use those sprinkles!

Its a gloomy rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest. I like to think of things to do for my kids that make them smile and brighten up the day.

My answer...


Sprinkles are like the confetti at the party...they make everyone smile and feel happy. I mean who doesn't like sprinkles? You can take an ordinary food seem special with sprinkles.

I wanted to share this quick and easy snack I whipped up for my kids this morning.

Here's what you need:

Sliced banana
Peanut butter
Any Bright Fun Plate

Guaranteed smiles and happy tummys!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday and Counting Blessings

Last week I began my journey of counting 1000 gifts. Every Monday I will be posting new things I am thankful for
large or small...
obvious or unusual.
Thank you for joining me on my road of gratitude.
I know this will impact my life and I hope it will encourage yours.

#21 A small son's hand cupped in mine, trusting me to lead the way.

#22 My husband's pure heart and devotion that makes me feel adored.

#23 My teenage son who is spreading his wings and reminding me of God's mercy and grace.

#24 Hope for my future even when I can't see it.

#25 Progress on a big home project!

#26 Overwhelming peace and joy in my heart.

#27 A friend's newborn baby girl reminding me of God's fingerprint on every life.

#28 Closed doors and open windows.

#29 New friends that bring me inspiration with every tweet!

#30 Transitions in life that keep me seeking THE ONE in control.

Continue to seek out the extraordinary within the ordinary...

holy experience

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Cottage - What Paint Color Did I Choose?

As you remember a month or so ago I asked for feedback on facebook, twitter,and here on the blog, asking what color I should paint my farmhouse, and gave you some of my ideas. I received a variety of answers, but there was one color that was suggested the most. I enjoyed hearing all the opinions and feedback. It was fun to see what you all suggested.

I heard everything from white, gray, yellow, tan, and "Paint it whatever pleases you"! What resounded most was to keep my color palette to a classic scheme, that would fit the era of my house. (over 100 yrs old)

I pondered about what I should do... I drove around many neighborhoods with my husband and looked for new inspiration... I took pictures of houses, but somehow seemed to keep being drawn to the same color.

Then... My hubby and I went for a Sunday drive because he wanted to show me an inspiration house. He said "I need to show you this...its classic." So here ya have it!

The color of choice is yellow...

My pictures don't do this house justice. This farmhouse sits up on a hill and in front of it is a large grape vineyard. Its very stunning in person. We stopped to take a picture and the homeowners were outside. I asked if they minded if I took a picture and they were more than willing to oblige. They even told me the exact color of their house! (It is a Benjamin Moore yellow from their historic color collection.)

I knew after seeing this wonderfully classic farmhouse, that I would paint my house yellow with crisp white trim. I immediately came home and bought the paint samples and tried it out on some siding pieces. And of course there will always be a red door on my house!

So...Why did I choose yellow?

1. We live in Washington state where we have a lot of rainy gray days. I wanted something cheerful and bright throughout the year.

2. I love happy warm colors, and yellow represents that feeling very well.

3. Its classic and fits the era of my house.

4. Its a welcoming color.

5. I listened to what people said. When I asked the question... "when you think of a farmhouse what color do you think of?" The number one color I heard was yellow and second to it was white.

So thank you for your feedback and to those that didn't suggest yellow. That's okay, I love a lot of colors and all the suggestions were good ones!

QuickTip: Are you considering color choices for your home? You might want to take a look at your demographic location, your neighborhood, your personal taste, and the style and era of your home. Most of all paint it with colors YOU like and that inspire you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Cottage Renovation...A Farmhouse Facelift

Time for an update on our ambitious plan for renovating our farmhouse. Its been a while since I have kept you in the loop on our progress. We have made a lot of changes that don't show and are kind of boring, so I am showing what I know looks the most interesting for all you fellow home renovators out there! It won't be long and things will get more interesting as we move to the inside of the house and get to building the additions.
If you'll remember this is what we started with...


New windows were installed

New siding was applied to the front of the house.

A big improvement for sure!

Other things that we have accomplished since my last posting...

1. Chimney removal...(a big big mess! )
2. New heat pump and ducting was installed.
3. Foundation work, (major work) leveling the kitchen end of the house and pouring of new footings.
4. New well is being dug as we speak. We are hoping to hit water soon!
5. Demolishing of the old out buildings making way for the new garage.

Stay tuned for more! Be sure to hit the "My Cottage" button at the top of this blog to follow the progress from the beginning! There is so much more to come, see ya soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Multitude Monday

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed by the constant barrage of "things" to do. I sometimes find myself longing for more calmness and peace in my life, wishing I didn't feel pulled in so many directions.

I long to live a life that is simple and full of joy.

I am a list maker by nature. I have lists for everything I can think of. Kids activities, school schedules, budgets, groceries, and everything in between. List making is my way of freeing my mind. Somehow, when things are written down, then I feel better.

Today I stumbled upon a fellow blog, where I learned of another
kind of list.

A list that could truly change my life.

A list to serve as a constant reminder of graces given to me.

A list that could be added to over months and even years.

A list to look back on and see how God has provided time and time again.

After reading about this kind of unique list-making, I knew I needed to try this new habit in my life. Today I am starting my
One Thousand Gifts journey. I am excited to see what changes this will bring to my life.

I am inviting you along in my journey as I look at life from a positive perspective. I anticipate that this will effect my heart in ways I never imagined. Each Monday I will be posting here, a list of blessings that I am grateful for, and in doing so I hope it will be an encouragement to you as well. You never know... you just might want to start your own list.

I am thankful for...

#1 A family that blesses my life every day.

#2 Fresh inspiration when I need it most.

#3 My humble home that serves as a refuge in the midst of chaos.

#4 The Bible that is the blueprint for my life.

#5 A husband who loves God.

#6 My precious child, who spontaneously says "I Love You Mommy"!

#7 For the ever changing seasons that keep life interesting.

#8 For an encouraging word from a friend yesterday.

#9 Cool crisp autumn air and changing leaves.

#10 Cozy warm wool socks.

#11 Love that knows no bounds.

#12 Tears that bring healing.

#13 Birthday blessings.

#14 Meaningful conversations that fill my heart with joy.

#15 Coffee time and good chat with a friend.

#16 The song in my heart that seems to bring a melody when I need it most.

#17 Red crisp apples and autumn pears.

#18 Provision at just the right time.

#19 Hope for the future.

#20 Peace that passes all understanding.

holy experience