Thursday, August 5, 2010

Decorating With Plates

I love decorating with plates! Plates are easy to find, inexpensive decor and can add color and interest to many areas through out your home. Great places to find plates is at garage sales, flea markets, and goodwill. I also love TJ Maxx for great deals on plates, especially if you want a matching set. When you go on the hunt for plates, try to search complimentary colors that will display well together. Look for interesting shapes and edges to the plates to make for a fun eclectic mix.

You can add plates on shelves and in plate racks. Or for fun, think outside the box and try adding plates in new ways. Let's look at some great ideas here:

Try adding small saucers around doorways and window casings to add to the architectural details of a room.

Why not go for the gusto and make a collage of plates all over the wall?

How about over a fireplace mantel? Here notice how the blue and white stands out against the white paneled wall.

This pink room is so sweet and shows a great example of plates becoming part of the window treatment and window casing.

Love the rectangle shaped plates to this display, and the graduated sizes. You could also do this same thing with trays.

Love this circular pattern that was used to create an interesting focal point to a room.

Another great fireplace mantel idea. I love the arched plate display here! The plates become part of the entire look here.

Maybe you would like to start decorating with plates? Its cheap and easy and adds character to any room!