Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turn A Closet Into A Beautiful Workspace!

I couldn't resist showing this fantastic example of a project anyone of us could tackle. You could make this project as personal as you like. Use your imagination and go wild with it.

Do you have a closet or unused nook in your home that you can turn into useable space? This is a perfect example of just that. Thanks to Country Living for giving us this wonderful inspiration!

I can picture this closet project done with any color combination, and theme. Maybe you like florals, stripes or animal prints. Maybe some bold colors and patterns. Or you might want a more subdued and soft palette and feel. You can decide.

Love it....be inspired!

Cheap and Easy Decorating Ideas for Spring - Part #2

Yesterday we talked about decluttering in Part #1 of our spring decorating venture. After we declutter it allows us a clean slate and gives us room to breathe and to be creative with our home. Spring is all about letting in the light and giving our home an airy look and feel. Decluttering is a huge key in making that happen!

Now onto Part #2...

Add Color!

Everyone loves color, There is so much that color can do for us. Especially with a new season. Is there some new color that you could add into your home? If you add small accents of your new color choice through out your home, you will be amazed how it pops out and gives a fresh spark to your home.

Look to your local TJ Maxx and Target stores for clues about the latest decorating color out. Take a trip to a furniture store and see what is being shown in home accents. Look in the bedding departments and you will quickly get inspired by new fluffy bedding in beautiful spring colors~

One big trick for keeping things cheap and easy is to add accents that are easily changed out.

How should we add color for this spring?

#1 Paint- this had to go as number one on my list. Paint is the cheapest and best way to add color and gives the greatest impact.
Here are some cheap paint ideas:

*Paint one accent wall in your home.
*Paint accent tables, chairs, and shelves and new shade for the season.
*Get some cans of spray paint in your favorite color and cover terra cotta pots from the hardware store, they will add great color to your windowsills and porches.
*Paint a wicker chair or basket.

Look around your house and see what could use fresh coat of paint. You will be amazed when giving something a fresh coat of paint, how happy you feel!

Other ways to add color...

#2-Throw pillows placed on your sofas and chairs add instant color.

#3-Throw blankets and quilts add texture, coziness, and color quickly.

#4-Candles are useful and colorful for the season, and smell lovely at the same time. I love candles for the ambience they create in the home. Buy candles in spring colors and scents!

#5-Flowers planted in pots indoor and out. Nothing says Spring like flowers. Be sure to plant some flowers where they can be viewed from your favorite window. Add flowers in pots to your entryway to welcome all who enter your home. Flowers add beauty no matter what the view!
#6-Green living plants add health and represent new growth and life. Live plants add a calming and peaceful addition to any room. You could think about replanting your house plants in new pots for the season, bringing great color and nature together.

#7-Plates, woven placemats and plate chargers all make great color accent for walls. These items are readily found at your local stores. As seasons change, the stores put these on sale. Look for interesting plates with botanicals, florals, leaf designs, and nature inspired motifs.

#8-Fresh Fruit of the season placed in glass vases, urns and bowls. Lemons, limes and oranges are easily found at the grocery store and when placed in the home can be decor! Citrus colors are cheery and fresh!

More colorful items easily found at thrift stores and flea markets are: Vases, colored glass items, pitchers, teacups, candle holders, wicker baskets, picture frames. All of which you can look for adding color or painting.

See you tomorow for part #3 of our Spring series....Go live in color!

Cheap and Easy Decorating Ideas for Spring - Part #1

Its the time of year when we begin to feel regenerated after a long winter. Nature is poking her head out at us, and we want to focus on the new season.

Over the next few days we are going to talk about some easy decorating ideas that you we can implement for Spring. The best part is that all the ideas I will share with you can be done for little money!

Step #1 may seem boring and not exciting at all. You may wonder why I even bring it up, since it really doesn't seem it has anything to do with decorating! Its....DECLUTTERING!

Yeah you heard it. I am a firm believer that all good decorating starts with this step first. Can I hear you groaning?
Decluttering is the magic behind all good design and decorating.

Simple... but true. If we don't get rid of the things that are crowding our counters and entryways, then we won't be able to even see our fun new decorating efforts. All of our work will be in vain. Having too much stuff can get in the way of seeing the beauty in our homes.

I have learned this the hard way in my own life. Yup you heard it! I have been on a two year journey of teaching myself to let go and declutter. I used to hang onto too much stuff. The problem is, I like a lot of things! However, I have slowly been learning the art of saying "no" and "letting go".

I realized that messes and extra stuff were robbing me of energy and joy. I am still working on this in my house! It is a process and I am getting there. Somehow clutter finds its way into all our homes, and before long it can take over quickly. You will be amazed how once you start purging, how much easier it is to let go.

So let's get started! For now just start at the "hotspots" in your house. The areas most seen and with the highest traffic.

Grab 3 garbage bags or bins and label them with the following:

As you declutter fit your things into one of those three categories.

You may be asking - how do I do that? How do I make those decisions? Here is a list of questions I ask myself when decluttering. They help me choose quickly and decisively

*Do I LOVE it?
*Does it bless me and my family?
*Does it bring me enjoyment?
*Is it a neccessary item?
*Do I use it, and how often?
*When was the last time I wore or used it?

These questions are a starting point and your list may be a bit different. But you get the idea. So hurry up and go get decluttering and making space. Come back tomorrow and we will talk spring and get some cheap and easy decorating ideas for welcoming the season.

See ya then!