Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kitchen Banquettes

Lately I have been a bit obsessed with kitchen banquettes. I am considering how to create one in my own home. I love the way banquettes add a cozy eating space to any dining or kitchen area. They add a sense of "built-in" history to your home as if it was a fixture from years ago.

Banquettes can be created rather easily. Either built in or created with the proper furniture.

Banquettes are great space savers for your home, and can be nestled into an unused corner.

You can accent your banquette with beadboard for the classic cottage style, or consider adding decorative wood molding. Maybe even paint it an accent color to brighten up your kitchen.

The bench portion of the banquettes can even be created with stock upper kitchen cabinets.

One great asset to having a kitchen banquette is the provided additional storage. Make sure you have the benches made with a hinge top or front cabinet doors for easy access to stored items.

Of course don't forget the fun part of decorating your banquette with accent cushions and pillows to perk up your kitchen, giving a cozy place to sit and a practical space all in one.

A banquette can be a simple as a straight built in bench with a table pulled up to it.

OR...create a window seat, then pull up a table to the bench when additional seating is needed, giving you double pleasure and usefulness.

Maybe you would like to consider adding a kitchen banquette to your home, giving it a sense of history and long-term appeal!

(Photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)