Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hairy Orange Juice?

Today, my little Levi, who is 3 and loves orange juice, was so excited that we once again had OJ in the house. He was casually sitting at the kitchen table, when suddenly he says "Mommy, this orange juice is hairy!- I don't like it!". I am like "what?". I knew my husband had just bought a new carton of orange juice, it couldn't possibly be moldy already! *Oh wait, orange juice doesn't get moldy, or does it?!*... What in the world could he be talking about?

I went over to set the record straight, and see what all the complaining was about, when it all came clear. My husband had bought orange juice with extra PULP! I tried the OJ myself and could see what this kid was talking about. The pulp from the OJ actually got stuck in my teeth and hung on my tongue just like when you get a hair in your mouth! So...Beware of hairy orange juice!

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