Monday, July 12, 2010

Summertime Pleasures

What are you doing this summer to slow down the pace?

Are you enjoying outdoor gatherings, fellowship with friends, and summertime pleasures?

The very season that beckons us to slow down and take time out for relaxation, sunny weather activities and a slower pace, just seems to still go faster than I would prefer, how about you?

My summer hardly has to be planned, as the activities come my way without much effort. My kids keep me busy and before I know it the summer will have slipped away.

What can I do to slow down the pace?

Take time to smell the roses... (literally)

Read a really good book...

Take time for friends and family with outdoor eating and activites...

Play with my kids...

Enjoy this moment which will quickly change...

Before we know it the leaves will be turning golden shades and we will be celebrating our fall season. Take some time to slow down the pace and enjoy every moment you can...


  1. Hi Denise,
    I found your blog thru the Relevant Conference site. Lovin it, and this post...I was just thinking the other day how the summer was already about half over. My son will be starting all-day Kindergarten next month, so I've been bracing myself for that life change, trying to remind myself to cherish this summer and my time with him. (and his lil' 2yr-old sister!) But, I find things/time slips away so easily, so I want to focus more on them in the coming weeks. My hubby will be going out of town next week for 2 weeks, so we'll be getting lots of 'quality time' together! Looking forward to it!
    I would absolutely love to make it to Relevant -which I discovered thru (in)Courage, but just don't know if it's going to be feasible right now. But, hoping and trusting that God can still make it happen! I'm a new blogger, and don't know if it really applies much to me right now, but it sounds awesome. We'll see!
    Thanks, and I will be back to read more!

  2. Oh yes Denise, you are so very right. I feel like my summer has just started and already we have to think about curriculum purchases and lesson plans. I am trying not to be discouraged! Thank you for the encouragement to enjoy some summer...