Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday and Counting Blessings

Last week I began my journey of counting 1000 gifts. Every Monday I will be posting new things I am thankful for
large or small...
obvious or unusual.
Thank you for joining me on my road of gratitude.
I know this will impact my life and I hope it will encourage yours.

#21 A small son's hand cupped in mine, trusting me to lead the way.

#22 My husband's pure heart and devotion that makes me feel adored.

#23 My teenage son who is spreading his wings and reminding me of God's mercy and grace.

#24 Hope for my future even when I can't see it.

#25 Progress on a big home project!

#26 Overwhelming peace and joy in my heart.

#27 A friend's newborn baby girl reminding me of God's fingerprint on every life.

#28 Closed doors and open windows.

#29 New friends that bring me inspiration with every tweet!

#30 Transitions in life that keep me seeking THE ONE in control.

Continue to seek out the extraordinary within the ordinary...

holy experience

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