Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turn A Closet Into A Beautiful Workspace!

I couldn't resist showing this fantastic example of a project anyone of us could tackle. You could make this project as personal as you like. Use your imagination and go wild with it.

Do you have a closet or unused nook in your home that you can turn into useable space? This is a perfect example of just that. Thanks to Country Living for giving us this wonderful inspiration!

I can picture this closet project done with any color combination, and theme. Maybe you like florals, stripes or animal prints. Maybe some bold colors and patterns. Or you might want a more subdued and soft palette and feel. You can decide.

Love it....be inspired!


  1. That's a great looking closet! We had a double and triple closet in our last home/MBR. I turned the double into a closet, but it was the ugly step sister to this one!

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  2. I love this closet workspace. And the nice part is that you can close the doors and it is all hidden away. I wish I had a double closet like that to make one!