Monday, April 5, 2010

The Get Dressed Challenge

Today I started the "Get Dressed Challenge"!

Yup that's right, here I am on day #1!

The challenge is all about getting dressed and looking presentable for my family by 8:00 AM every day! (God help me!) No sweats here or tattered clothes, makeup on, and hair done. Today I even added my favorite jewelry to the mix!

I am not alone in this new challenge, as I am joining other great gals who want to try to start this new habit also.

Oh yeah, I have tried this kind of challenge before many times over by myself, but never quite accomplished it with consistency. I love the feeling when I can get up and get ready for the day early, somehow I feel better about myself and much more productive.

Here's a big "shout-out" to Sarah Mae over at Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee for jump-startin' us and gettin' us linked up.

What about you? Do you want help in this area? Do you feel like you need a jolt in the arm to get you moving? Come join us ladies and we will have fun together.

See ya around and I'll keep you posted on my progress along the way.

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