Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Decorating With Gray - The New Neutral

I have really been enjoying the new trend of decorating with gray. You might even want to consider gray in your own home. The color gray is popular today in paint, wallpaper, fabrics, and furniture, and very fashion forward. Gray has been moving up the ladder and pushing the standard tans and beiges out of the way!

Why not think about using this soothing and easy living color in your home? If you are worried about it being too cold. You can always pair it with a warm color, such as yellow or pink. You can also choose many different grays that can be warm in hue, even having a green or brown hue to the gray value. Let's take a look at some great rooms decorated with all kinds of different shades of gray.

Go have fun decorating with gray!
(first 6 photos courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens, and the last 2 photos courtesy of pottery barn)


  1. I love gray - classy & classic! We just redid our bedroom and I decorated it in shades of cream, white, sea-blue & gray. It's so soothing and really lovely.

  2. yes, definately looks classy in those photos. And grey and pink together is one of my favourite combinations!